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October 18, 2005

DGC Awards - NABET shows and members honoured

NABET 700 would like to congratulate the following individuals and productions whose work was honoured at the 2005 Director's Guild of Canada Awards:

  • Michael McGowan for Saint Ralph
  • Don McKellar for Childstar
  • Mike Souther and Teza Lawrence for Saint Ralph
  • Paul Gross and Frank Siracusa for H2O
  • Ken Finkleman and Jan Peter Meyboom for The Newsroom
  • Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn for DeGrassi: The Next Generation
  • Sandra Kybartas for Murdoch Mysteries
  • Ingrid Jurek for Queer As Folk
  • Wendy Hallam Martin for Queer As Folk
  • Tom Bjelic and Allan Fung for The Newsroom

The DGC Awards were held October 1 in Toronto. Photos of the event are available on the DGC website.

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