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Apply for Permittee Status

So you want to join NABET 700-M UNIFOR! Your first step is to become a Permittee – that is, someone who is working towards becoming a member by providing invaluable support and back-up to the membership during our busiest periods.

NABET 700-M UNIFOR receives a tremendous volume of telephone traffic. Unfortunately, that precludes us from taking as much time with inquiries as everyone would like. It is therefore essential that all applicants adhere to the following guidelines.

There are several steps you MUST complete before handing in the application form:

1) Read through this application in its entirety so that you fully comprehend all that is required before you complete and hand in your application.

2) Attend NABETiquette. This is a half day set etiquette and protocol workshop, generally offered once every 6 weeks. The upcoming course date is listed on the home page of the NABET 700-M UNIFOR website. The cost for the course is $100 and you can register by calling the office with a credit card number or visiting the office where we take cash (must be exact change), credit, debit or cheque. As there are only 50 spots available for the workshop, you MUST register in advance for this course. Drop-ins will only be accepted in replacement of no-shows.  

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate that must be attached to the application form. Applications turned in without a NABETiquette certificate will be immediately rejected.

Note: This course is a required part of the application process that everyone, regardless of experience or years already worked in the film industry, must complete.

3) You must have a minimum of 40 Days relevant working experience in film or television in the department you plan on applying for.

4) You must attach one (1) copy of your resume in addition to filling out the relevant past employment page in this application form.

5) Every Applicant must complete both the Worker and Supervisor Health & Safety Modules.

You must attach a copy of both certificates (Worker & Supervisor) to your application.

The Health and Safety Awareness Training Modules for workers and supervisors are available on the Ministry of Labour website and can be found at the links provided below:



At the end of the module you will be provided with a digital certificate of completion that you can keep for your records and use to provide copies for production.

6) Any additional material or requirements needed for your specific department (see Departmental Requirements info page in this application) as well as a copy of any applicable licenses (Transport/Hair).

Once your application has been received, it must await the approval of the Vice-President of the department to which you are applying. We endeavour to process all applications within 8 weeks. However, sometimes busy work schedules of our VPs lengthen the procedure. You will be notified via mail once your application has been approved.

Should your application not be accepted and you wish to apply again, you will not be charged an administration fee, nor will you need to attend another session of NABETiquette.