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Group RSP Plan


The purpose of the Plan is to provide Members and Permits working under a NABET 700-M UNIFOR Collective Agreement an opportunity to participate in the Plan by required payroll deductions with the added incentive of a Producer match in contributions to the Plan.

RETIREMENT DATE FUNDS: Effective January 1, 2011, your program now includes a new asset class called “Retirement Date Funds”. Retirement Date Funds are a series of eight funds with a pre-determined maturity or retirement date. Available with dates in 5 year intervals (2015-2050), this option requires investors to select a fund closest to their preferred retirement date. The asset mix composition of each fund is based on the length of time remaining until the date of maturity. This means the asset mix of the portfolio – in this instance the proportion of fixed income securities and equities – changes automatically as the fund approaches its maturity. As the equity component of the fund slowly decreases as the fund approaches its maturity date, the asset mix of the portfolio becomes more conservative. These target date funds are well-suited for an investor who does not want to regularly review and rebalance an investment portfolio or continually check on investment performance.


Plan Membership:
• All Members in Good Standing
• Permits whom are not Members of NABET 700-M UNIFOR but are permitted to work pursuant to a Collective Agreement

Plan Eligibility:
• Members or Permits whom have had payroll deductions under the terms of a NABET 700-M UNIFOR Collective Agreement must join the Plan immediately
• Permits are eligible to join once employed under the terms of a NABET 700-M UNIFOR Collective Agreement where contribution has been made on behalf of the Permit

• Immediate

Plan Member
• Required to receive producer match
• Percentage of Earnings received under a NABET 700-M UNIFOR contract as per Collective Agreement
• Payroll deduction
• You may transfer RRSP’s in
• Additional Voluntary Contributions through payroll or on a lump sum basis
• Spousal Contributions are allowed
• Contribution maximum as prescribed in the Income Tax Act

Producer Match
• A percentage of gross compensation as specified in the NABET 700-M UNIFOR Collective Agreement

Interfund Transfers:
• First four transfers are free per year, thereafter a $25 transfer fee will (Manulife charge) deducted from transfer amount.

Plan Member Withdrawals
• Plan Member may withdraw the Plan Member portion of their account once per calendar year; an administration service fee of $100 will be charged by Manulife Financial and applicable withholding taxes will be deducted. Please call Manulife Financial directly at 1 (888) 727-7766; you will need your group policy no. and customer number to speak with a Client Services Representative.

Financial Hardship Withdrawals
• Additional Plan Member and the Producer portion is restricted unless Plan Member has terminated, retired, becomes disabled or deceased, Life Long Learning Program or Homebuyers Withdrawal Program or experiencing financial hardship.
• Financial Hardship is defined as risk of eviction from rented or owned home, requirement to secure a rental residence, medical treatment, residential renovations to accommodate special needs, and no income due to lack of work. Approval of plan administrator required and administration service fee and withholding taxes apply. Please call your Plan Administrator directly at (905) 837-2600.

• If Plan Member is no longer affiliated with NABET 700-M UNIFOR your account will be closed if prior arrangements have not been made through your Plan Administrator.

Administration Service Fee:
An Administration Service Fee of $100, will be charged by Manulife Financial for ALL withdrawals and at termination.

Investment Default:
• RRSP - Retirement Date Fund 2020

Investment Fund Choices:

Wide Range of Investment Options:
Asset Allocations Funds and Index Funds
American Stock Funds
Balanced Funds
Bond Funds
Canadian Equity Funds
Equity Growth Funds
Fixed Income Funds
Short Term Securities
International Equity Funds
International Bond Funds

Please contact your Plan Administrator for assistance and/or investment advice; or email any of the following at (905) 837-2600:
Geoff Campbell,
Doug Lagasse,
Harry Matheis,
Mary-Anne Rogers,

It is easy to plan, track and manage your retirement savings
Call Manulife Financial at 1 (888) 727-7766

Should you have any questions regarding this program, please contact your Plan Administrator, Mary-Anne Rogers, Matheis Team Financial (905) 837-2600 x 17 or email
In the event of a discrepancy, the Contract will prevail.


Effective immediately, RRSP contributions deducted through payroll will be deposited to an account in your name as soon as they are received. If you have not completed a Manulife Financial Enrolment Form and we have your personal information (name, address, date of birth and Social Insurance Number), an account will be set up and you will receive written confirmation. If you are a returning member/permit, your former account will be reactivated. This will ensure that all future contributions will be allocated on a timely basis.

Named Beneficiaries are Important:
Please be aware of your beneficiary designations. If you are a returning member/permit, please contact Manulife Financial (toll free 1 888 727-7766) and inquire whom you had named previously, you may need to make a change. If you have been enrolled online, your beneficiary will be defaulted to your Estate. This may not be your preference. You can download a Change Form from our website or Manulife Financial's at Manulife Financial does require your original signature for named beneficiary designations.

Should you have any questions, or concerns, please contact our plan administrators, Matheis Team Financial (905) 837-2600 or toll free (800) 889-9487.


Please visit for enrolment, investment transfer forms and change forms for beneficiary designation updates.

If you did not receive a semi-annial statement (June 30/December 31), it may be because you have not completed an enrolment form.  It is very important to ensure that a signed enrolment form is on file to confirm your personal information, choose a beneficiary and make your investment choices.  If you are unsure if an enrolment form is on file, please contact Matheis Team Financial.

Having an original signature on an enrolment form means that we can provide faster, more efficient service to the members on various transactions.


Contribution Limit = 18% of earned income in previous year minus pension adjustment (up to annual limit)

Withholding Taxes

Amount withdrawn in excess of  minimum All Provinces except Quebec Quebec
 Up to $5,000  10%  21%
 $5,001 - $15,000  20%  26%
 Over $15,000  30%  31%

Federal provisions provide creditor protection to all RRSPs, RRIFs and DPSPs in the event of bankruptcy only and do not protect contributions made in the lasy 12 months.  The Federal legislation does not override provincial laws dealing with creditor protection such as the provincial Insurance Acts of where full provincial protection is already available.

Under the Insurance Act full creditor protection may be available to registered plans and non-registered contracts where an appropriate beneficiary is named.

This applies to the NABET 700-M UNIFOR Structured Group RRSP as plan member's assets are held with Manulife Financial under the Insurance Act.

Designating a beneficiary

Q – If I die, who will receive my savings?
A – Your designated beneficiary will receive the savings held in your account. If you have not made a designation, your savings will be paid to your Estate.

Q – How do I know whom it my designation beneficiary?
A – Please contact your plan custodian directly; Manulife Financial’s toll free Customer Service Centre 1 (888) 727-7766. Bilingual representatives answer your account questions Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Q – How can I change/elect a beneficiary for my savings?
A – To change/elect a beneficiary on your account you will need to complete, sign and return a ‘Change Form.”

This form can be found online at  From the left hand menu, select ‘Plan Members’, then ‘Your forms and downloads’, then under the Registered Retirement Savings Plan heading, select and print the ‘Change Form’.  Complete sections 1, 3 and 6 of the printed form to change/elect a beneficiary.  This form may also be used to change your name, address or to indicate whether you do/do not have a spouse.  Ensure you complete the form in full, then sign and date it.  Return the completed, signed form to the address shown at the top of the form.


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