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Applicant Department Criteria

Listed below are mandatory requirements specific to some of our Departments. 

 If you don’t see your department listed, there are no additional requirements.


Construction Permittee applicants must complete and attach to the application the Construction Qualifications Checklist below.


Costume Permittee applicants are required to either get 3 endorsement signatures from NABET 700-M UNIFOR Costume Department Members OR attend a permit interview panel. Neither is more beneficial or will favour your application in any way. Costume Department Members who provide their endorsement signature verify they have vetted your skills and find them suitable to become a permittee with the Costume Department.


Continuity applicants must complete and attach to the application the Continuity Experience Form below and must pass a Basic Skills Trade Test scheduled by the office. 


Hair applicants must have minimum of 3-5 licensed years of practicing hairdressing – preference to 1 year or more (minimum of 40 days in film) experience with a professional film, theatre or television production company in the hair department to have been done in the past seven years.

Hair applicants must attach to the Permittee Application following documents:

- Hair Department Requirements (below)
- Copy of the Ontario Hair License
- Certificates of Sanitation and Disinfection
- 2 letters of reference from licensed hairdressers specifically stating why they find you to be suitable to that department
- Current resume which clearly states your intent, skills, certifications/education, previous job duties, exact days worked, name of supervisor and contact numbers


Lighting Applicants seeking Permittee status must fulfill the following requirements in addition to the general requirements listed on the application form:

- Must have a minimum of sixty (60) days relevant work experience.
- If applicant has an accreditation from a recognized college, university, or film school diploma course, then the minimum relevant work experience is reduced to thirty (30) days. 
-  Signatures from one (1) Best Boy/Girl and one (1) NABET 700-M UNIFOR member in good standing.


Makeup Applicants must have a NABET 700-M UNIFOR Makeup Member to propose you. Please note that the proposer signature is valid up to 1 (one) year from the date the application was signed by the proposer. However, only for the remainder of 2021 Makeup applications DO NOT require a Proposer signature.

There are three (3) steps that you must complete to obtain Permittee status in the Makeup Department:

Step 1: Permittee Application - You must submit your completed Permittee Application package to the Union in advance of scheduling your Written Test.
Step 2: Written Test - After you have submitted your Permittee Application Package, you will be contacted by the office to schedule a date / time to write the test at the Union office.
Step 3: Permit Panel - You must attend a Permit Panel to meet with two (2) members from the Makeup Department along with the Makeup Department VP. You will be required to bring your most current resume and portfolio*, and be prepared to discuss them. Your portfolio should be well rounded (see attached Skill Set list), showing a variety of skills required for film/TV productions. *Social media accounts will not be accepted as a portfolio.

*Please be advised that after December 1st, 2017, the old Makeup Permit Application will no longer be accepted. You can find the new Makeup Permit Application package in the PDF below.*
*Please be advised, as of March 1, 2019 all Makeup Application Written Tests will be administered in the office.


- Check your skill set against required skills listed on technical profile


Paint Technician Profile (PDF, 447 KB)


- Permittee applicants are now strongly encouraged to include a cover letter

- Check your skill set against list of departmental criteria


1- A minimum of 30 days of film/tv production experience OR direct and/or related experience or education included in one of the following but not limited to:
  • a. Interior Design
  • b. Theatre
  • c. Film school studies
  • d. Film/TV School Studies
  • e. Visual Arts
  • f. Carpentry
  • g. Electrical
  • h. General fabrication

2- A permittee should possess a basic tool kit on their first day of employment. Recommended basic tool kit attached below.
3- Two letters of recommendation from NABET members, or personal references is encouraged.
4- Permittees must take the NABETiquette course.
Review of general permittee applicants will be accessed by the Set Dec VP and the Set Dec Review Board. Any applicant who does not meet these requirements may still apply with a letter of application detailing why they feel they would be an asset to NABET 700 M Unifor.


Set Dec Tool Kit (PDF, 69 KB)


Check your skill set against required skills listed on technical profile below:


Transport Applicants seeking Permittee status must fulfill the following requirements in addition to the general requirements listed on the application form:

- Must have a valid DZ or AZ class driver’s licence (please provide a copy of your licence and driver’s abstract that is no more than 30 days old).
- As of February 1st, 2021, all Transportation Department applicants must submit a road evaluation certificate from the Ontario Truck Training Academy (OTTA). To schedule a road test please contact the OTTA head office at 1-800-753-2284 or at For more information please visit