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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens after I become a Permittee? 
Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to call in your availability on a weekly basis. When your department has utilized all of its Members, our crewing department will begin calling Permittees. Each time that you work on a NABET 700-M UNIFOR production, 7% of your gross pay will be deducted and remitted to the Union. This is your Permittee fee. When you have acquired a minimum of $2000 in Permittee fees in one department, you are eligible for full membership within the Union, providing you meet any other membership/departmental requirements and your work history is reviewed. New Members are sworn in monthly, and until you are sworn in as a Member, permit fees will continue to be deducted from your pay. Permit fees are non-refundable. 

2. I don’t have the required 40 Days experience. How do I obtain that? 
NABET 700-M UNIFOR has created the Apprenticeship Program which is designed to provide paid placement opportunities to anyone who would like to begin a career in the film, television and digital media industry. For more information about the Apprenticeship Program, please click HERE. Seek out work experience on independent and non-union productions by calling places like the Canadian Film Centre (416-445-1446) to see if they have any projects in production looking for help. Keep in mind that in many cases, these opportunities may be unpaid.

3. How much work will I get as a Permittee? 
It’s difficult to predict how much work you’ll get as a Permittee. In general, some departments are busier than others, but overall, it’s entirely dependent on a number of factors such as how many shows we have in production, what kind of calls we’re getting and how many Members are already working. Keep in mind that you’re a freelancer and steady work is not guaranteed. It’s always good to have some back-up income. 

 4. When is the next NABETiquette Course? 
 If there is an upcoming date scheduled, it will be listed on the homepage of our website (

 5. I have many years of film experience.  Do I still have to take the  NABETiquette course? 
 Yes. Everyone must take it as part of the application process. 

 6. I took the NABETiquette course years ago and am only applying for  Permittee status now but I can’t find my certificates, what can I do?
 Anyone who has taken NABETiquette prior to 2020, will have to make a  request to be issued a digital version of your certificate. If you  took NABETiquette after July 7, 2017, please remember that your certificate  expires after 2 years and you may have to redo the course. If you are unsure  when you took the course, please contact the office and speak to  administration.

 7. When will I find out if I’m a Permittee or not? 
 Your application must be reviewed by the Department and/or Vice-President  of the department to which you are applying. You will be notified via mail  once your application has been approved. 

 8. Why do I have to fill out the Relevant Past Employment page when  I’m also handing in a resume?
 The Relevant Past Employment page is meant to be a 40-day snapshot of  your relevant work experience, while your  resume is a more extensive work  history. Please fill this page out in full. DO NOT write “see resume,” as this  may delay your  application process or result in your application being  rejected for non-completion. 

 9. I took NABETiquette and applied within the 2 years the certificate  was valid for and my application was rejected. Now  that the 2 years  have lapsed and I want to reapply, will I need to re-do the  NABETiquette course?
 No. You will not have to re-do the course so long as you initially applied  within the 2 years.