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June 27, 2012

Anna Silk stays smooth in her role as Lost Girl’s Bo

June 24th, 2012 - Metro News

There is some tension this particular Thursday afternoon in May on the Toronto set of Lost Girl, but happily it is all of a fictional nature. Our heroine, Bo, who has been injured and looking none-too-well, is having a difficult time trying to convince her crime-fighting allies that they need to change strategy when it comes to catching the baddie of the week.

She finally succeeds in persuading her ex-lover and police detective Dyson to go along with her plan, much to the chagrin of his colleague.

“Cut! That was great,” says director Ron Murphy.

This above scene is from one of the hit supernatural show’s third season episodes. For those unfamiliar with Lost Girl, the series follows the adventures of Bo, a Succubus (a supernatural being who feeds off the sexual energy of others) and member of a race of uber-humans known as Fae.

Having walked in Bo’s leather boots for two seasons and now a third, actress Anna Silk is a perfect fit for the role, even though she initially had some doubts about the project.

“When I originally received the (pilot) script, I read the tagline for it, which was something like, ‘Supernatural sex creature who needs sex to survive,’ and I thought, ‘Yeah, right. What the heck is this?’ recalls Silk. “Then, however, I read the script, which was written by (series creator/executive producer) Michelle Lovretta, and discovered that she wrote this really complex, cool, female lead character who is a sexual creature but in the most vulnerable sort of way.”

Although it aired halfway through the show’s first season, episode eight was, in fact, Lost Girl’s pilot episode and the first thing ever filmed for the series. Silk still remembers working on it as if it were yesterday. “We had 10 days to film the pilot, which was a luxury because we don’t have that many days now to shoot an episode,” jokes the actress. “The pilot is quite special to me. We filmed it about a year before we went to series, so if you watch it, we all look a little different. We’rewearing less make-up and the tone of the show is somewhat darker. I still think it’s one of our greatest episodes and I love the grittiness of it.”

“Honestly, I’ve been fortunate enough so far to do a number of really cool things as an actress, including Bo … I love the fact that she resonates with so many people. Also, the Fae world is so vast. We have so much still to explore about it,” enthuses Silk.

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