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March 6, 2015

Weekly Update from Film Ontario, March 6, 2015

Happy Friday!

Heading back to Toronto from Prime Time in Ottawa - thoroughly enjoyable!

Our friends at the OMDC have a new link on their website to take you directly to Pan Am info for production folks. You can get there from here.

Eye on Canada has relaunched this week. Created by CMPA, CMF and Telefilm, showcasing a variety of Canadian films, television shows, games, apps and more. Check it out here.

As noted in previous newsletters to you, FilmOntario continues to work actively and diligently on behalf of Ontario's screen-based content industry to protect stability and competitiveness. Our meetings continue with Culture, Finance and the Premier's office.

Sarah Ker-Hornell
CEO & Executive Director


Weekly Update from Kelly Graham-Scherer, Los Angeles Representative

Happy Friday everyone,        

This will be an abbreviated clippings report as I'm currently helping staff the Ontario/ Toronto booth at the Association of Film Commissioners International Locations Trade Show <http://afcilocationsshow.com/>  here in Los Angeles. The show is an annual event at which jurisdictions from all over the world set up complex and colorful displays advertising their locations, incentives and infrastructure to producers and production executives of every stripe.

Each year I attend this show I am amazed anew at how many places across the globe make competition for film and television business an economic priority. It is humbling to see how many choices are available to content creators and to know Ontario is considered one of their top choices.

This year there is a fascinating display located directly across from the Toronto/ Ontario booth. As detailed in Variety below, Wanda Qingdao <http://variety.com/t/qingdao/>  Studios in Eastern China are targeting international and local productions and at 494 acres, the facility will be the world’s largest when it opens in April 2017.

In conjunction with the trade show, the AFCI runs a series of panel discussions. I attended a standing-room-only one yesterday detailing how California's new production incentives would come into force this year. The Variety story below has further details.

After years of lobbying for tax credits for California, the local industry here will be working hard to demonstrate their effectiveness this spring. As detailed in the Hollywood Reporter below, LA's film-friendly Mayor  Eric Garcetti this week signed an executive order to simplify the city's film-permitting process and appointed a chief film liaison.

Mayor Garcetti is also prepping city staff on how to welcome production back to the city. As reported in the Los Angeles Times below, he is requiring city employees to attend an annual training seminar to “emphasize the importance of filming to our city" and to provide a comprehensive list of buildings, facilities and open spaces that could accommodate production shoots and base camps.

Finally this week, the Hollywood Reporter noted what an incredible year 2014 was for Canadian film and television industry stakeholders. As detailed below, the biggest jump in activity last year came from Hollywood movies shooting in Toronto, where foreign budgetary spending jumped to $446 million, against $399 million in 2013

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