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July 20, 2015

Weekly Update from Film Ontario, July 17, 2015

Lots to share this week:

Welcome new members!

We happily announce two new Member companies Global Incentives, and Crimson Fish. Check out their websites, and extend a warm welcome!

Save the date!

The OMDC will be hosting a Famtour this September 27-30th for select U.S. OTT, premium cable and specialty cable guests. As part of our longstanding marketing partnership with the OMDC and City of Toronto, FilmOntario will be hosting a cocktail event on Tuesday, September 29th for Famtour guests, and our Members. Details to come.

CMF cross country consultation

The Canadian Media Fund (CMF) has announced their cross-country consultation to meet with stakeholders this fall as part of a comprehensive consultation process. The process will comprise a number of components, including focus groups in 18 cities (in all provinces and territories) and industry working groups.

During the focus groups, all CMF stakeholders will have an opportunity to consider how significant shifts in content consumption habits, rapidly evolving market conditions and regulatory changes as a result of the CRTC’s Let’s Talk TV proceeding will impact the CMF’s  funding programs.

Feedback received from stakeholders will contribute to shaping CMF policy and programs for 2016-2017 and beyond.

The Toronto date is September 9th. View the dates on the CMF website.

Part II, International Digital Media Co-Production Guide
With 57% of Ontario interactive digital media (IDM) revenues generated by export sales, finding opportunities in other territories is essential for Ontario producers. Interactive Ontario’s newly-released report International Digital Media Co-Production: A Guide for Canadian Companies II will assist Canadian companies in collaborating with partners in emerging markets.

The enthusiastic reception to the first edition of the report last year led Interactive Ontario to embark on Phase II, which examines co-production with Asia and Latin America, with a specific focus on China, India, Korea, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.

The report collects experiences and practical information from Canadian digital media companies that have executed deals in these countries. Additionally, it outlines funding sources, potential partners, events and other key details about each market.

The report was commissioned by Interactive Ontario with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation, the Canada Media Fund and the Bell Fund. Read the report here.

Interactive Ontario will host an event on July 22nd to provide a forum for discussion around the report. iLunch 14.4 will feature presentations by representatives of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, ProColumbia, KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) and a panel moderated by report author Kelly Lynne Ashton with panelists from Pipeline Studios, Minority Media and XMG Studios.

Have a lovely weekend, and take care,

Sarah Ker-Hornell
CEO & Executive Director

Weekly Update from Kelly Graham-Scherer, Los Angeles Representative 

Happy Friday everyone,

News of Canada's falling loonie and the effect it has on foreign service production was trumpeted in Los Angeles this week. As detailed in the Hollywood Reporter below, the weakening dollar is likely to lure even more American projects across the border in 2016.

There were a number of articles this week concerning California's film and television industry as the state begins to accept a second round of applications to an expanded tax credit program aimed at curbing so-called runaway production. As reported in the Los Angeles Times below, this round will allocate $48.3 million in tax credits for non-independent films and $6.9 million for independents.


The trades also took note of the latest quarterly stats released this week by industry advocacy group and permitting agency FilmLA. As detailed in the Hollywood Reporter below, while overall production in LA county slipped 1.9% from this time last year, a 12.3% surge in TV scripted drama shoots helped stave off a worse decline.

State Senate President Kevin de Leon this week said California's overhauled film and TV tax credit is reversing the flight of production from the state. Speaking on the Paramount Studios lot to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Variety reports that de Leon, a Democrat, cited the 11 TV series awarded credits in the first round of selection under the expanded program.

Only six years ago the state of Michigan, with a 42% tax incentive, was one of the busiest jurisdictions for film and television production in North America. This week Governor Rick Snyder singed a law to end production tax incentives in that state. As reported in the Washington Times below, doing so closed the curtain on a recession-era program that his predecessor had touted for providing an immediate economic boost.

The Los Angeles Times this week published a very illuminating article on how an infusion of Wall Street money has changed the high-flying, go-go culture of Hollywood's infamous talent agencies. As detailed below, new investors are demanding a more restrained, fiscally disciplined approach to doing business.

Finally this week - what a difference a year can make when it comes to box office receipts. Last summer I was bringing you news of doom and gloom as theater attendance in 2014 shaped up to hit a nearly two-decade low. But as reported in the LA Times below, there is already speculation that 2015 might be a record-breaking year with box-office receipts topping $11 billion.

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