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March 20, 2020

Important Office Updates Regarding COVID-19 - March 18, 2020

Please see below the following actions taken and announced by the City of Toronto, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and six of Canada's major banks.

Mayor John Tory
The city has launched the Mayor's Economic Support and Recovery Task Force to help protect Toronto's economic success in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. They will continue to update this site with all economic measures from all governments aimed at helping people: https://www.toronto.ca/home/covid-19/economic-support-recovery/ We have advised the Mayor directly of the importance of protecting those in the entertainment industry, such as freelance technicians like yourselves, and they have committed to looking at solutions that will address some of your unique needs.

Canada's 6 Major Banks
The Bank of Montreal, CIBC, National Bank of Canada, RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank and TD Bank, issued statements overnight promising to work with individual and business clients hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, with up to 6 months of mortgage payment relief in the worst cases, plus the opportunity for relief on other credit products.

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau
Trudeau addressed the nation today to advise that they have built on previously introduced measures, in which the federal government will introduce $27 billion in direct support to Canadian workers and businesses, plus an additional $55 billion to meet liquidity needs through tax deferrals.

Additional measures introduced by the Prime Minister include:

-An Emergency Care Benefit for those who don't qualify for EI and who don't have access to paid sick leave. The benefit will provide money to individuals every two weeks over a 14-week period. The amount will be comparable to the amount provided through EI and will specifically help those who are ill, in quarantine and/or those who are self-isolating. It will also apply to family members who are helping sick individuals.

-A COVID-19 Emergency Support Benefit will be introduced to support self-employed individuals.

-Employers will be provided with a temporary wage subsidy equal to 10% of their salaries for paid employees for a three-month period to encourage businesses to keep their employees on payroll during this crisis.

-For those who have already filed their taxes, residents will now have until August 2020 to pay any taxes they owe to the government.

-The government will be temporarily boosting the pre-existing Child Care Benefit to support parents taking care of young children.

-To help lower income individuals, the government will supplement the GST Credit to offset the consumer tax that they are paying. Every adult will receive up to $300 through this credit and up to $150 for every child.

-To assist students and young adults, the government will put in place a six-month interest free moratorium on all student loans.

-The government's existing Reaching Home Program will be doubled to help communities trying to support homeless individuals.

-To support those facing domestic abuse and violence, the government will boost funding for shelters providing sanctuary to vulnerable individuals.

-To support First Nations, the government will set up a distinction-based community support fund.

We are doing everything we can to keep the membership informed during this time to help assist them and we will continue to keep the lines of communication open and provide you with the most current information.

Thank you.

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