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April 19, 2021

April 16 FilmOntario Update

Strengthened Enforcement of Ontario's Stay-at-Home Order 

Today the Premier announced that the government is extending the state of emergency and stay-at-home order for at least another two weeks. The government’s press release can be found here.

Government officials have confirmed that there are no changes for the film and television industry, meaning that production is permitted to continue with a 50-performer limit on set and adherence to all other health and safety measures, including those outlined in the Section 21 Guidelines.

Travel is also being restricted between Ontario and Manitoba and Quebec, although travel for work purposes will be allowed. We are waiting for confirmation from the government on what, if any, documentation will be required for people to establish that they are travelling for permitted purposes.

The government is also enhancing enforcement measures relating to the stay-at-home order, meaning people can be stopped and asked where they are going and why. If you aren't already doing so, it may be prudent to ensure that your cast and crew are equipped with a letter or other documentation confirming that they are working on a production, as permitted under Ontario Regulation 82/20, Schedule 2, sections 63 and 64. It may also be helpful to provide people with a screenshot of, or link to, the relevant sections.

Workplace inspections will also be increased, with an emphasis not only on making sure that protocols are being followed but also that those who can work from home are doing so.

It is because of our industry’s commitment to working together on health and safety that we can continue to operate during this time. This work is under increasing scrutiny as we continue to operate during the emergency, so it is especially important that all productions continue to treat everyone with courtesy and respect, follow all public health guidelines, and, of course, stay safe!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email clynch@filmontario.ca or call at 416-906-5408.

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