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NABET 700-M UNIFOR Partnerships

NABET 700-M UNIFOR has long been an advocate for diversity in the film television and digital media industry and is committed to working to further break down barriers in order to create equitable and diverse film sets.

NABET 700-M UNIFOR over the past few years has been committed to strengthening our partnerships with various organizations, including the City of Toronto, to address issues of diversity, with an intersectional approach of women in non-traditional roles and people from diverse backgrounds. As one part of that commitment, we have successfully built into our Collective Agreement our Apprenticeship Program. NABET 700-M UNIFOR’s Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide paid placement opportunities across the departments we represent, to anyone who would like to begin a career in the film, television and digital media industry. Our apprentices receive hands-on, unprecedented on-the-job training by working along-side our skilled technicians to better position themselves by refining their skill sets, while already working towards the requirements of attaining Membership within the Union.

Through our partnerships, we have created multiple opportunities within the industry, which vary from paid apprenticeships to co-op student placements on sets, providing access to required training, and educational awareness to NABET 700-M UNIFOR and the unlimited career opportunities the film and television industry has to offer.