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ETCP Prep-Exam Seminar

April 18, 2011 - April 23, 2011

Instructor: Mongo Andrews, (ETCP certified)
Cost (Members): $550
Maximum Class Size: 20

The seminar will consist of five consecutive class days followed by the examination on the sixth and final day. Statistics show that those who challenge the exam have a far greater success rate when challenging the exam immediately preceding the seminar as opposed to taking the exam after some time has elapsed.

The cost to members will be $550, which covers the cost of the course, and the cost to write the exam. NABET 700 CEP will be subsidizing the majority of the costs of this seminar and exam. To attend the seminar and challenge the exam privately could cost $1250 – a savings of $700 to members who attend the NABET course.

An application must be completed in order to verify qualification for challenging this exam. The application is based on points for experience system. Essentially, anyone with at least 5 years of active experience in the Grip Department should have enough points to challenge the exam. We encourage all eligible members to register for this opportunity. An ETCP Certification is becoming well known among producers in the film industry and is an excellent addition to any technician’s résumé.

As all applications to challenge the ETCP exam must be processed in New York, and as there is a deadline in which to apply and book an on-site exam administrator, we require that all application information including the registration fee of $550 be received in the NABET office by March 4th, 2011.

Please contact reception at the NABET 700 CEP office to register.   Payment can be made by cash (exact), cheque, debit, or over the phone with Visa or Mastercard.  The maximum class size will be 20. An application package will be sent to you upon registration.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this upcoming training, please contact Joanne Filletti Training Coordinator x 224.