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General Fall Protection Awareness Course

April 10, 2010
9:00AM - 3:00PM

Location: Pinewood Studios, 225 Commissioners, Stage TBD
Instructor: Roger Silva
Cost (Members): $35
Cost (Permittees): $45
Maximum Class Size: 20

The objective of this training course will be to provide film industry specific guidance related to overall safety considerations when working at heights. The course content is divided into three parts and will include the following:

Part 1:
Basic Health & Safety Information
Review of legislation and regulatory requirements
Review of roles and responsibilities

Part 2:
Application and Safe Work Practices
Overview of Fall Protection Issues in Film and Television
Ladder Safety, Scaffolds, Lifts and Elevating Devices, etc.
Safe Work Practices
Risk Assessment Techniques

Part 3:
Practical Demonstrations and Case Study
Types of Fall Protection
Demonstrations of Ladder, Harness Safety, including hanging at height
Case Study exercise in identifying and controlling fall hazards
Course Quiz

After completion of the course each participant receives a wallet card. If you own a harness, please bring it on the day.

Additional Notes:
As you know, some producers are requiring this qualification as a condition of employment. We strongly recommend that members and permittees in construction, paint, grip, electric, labour and set decorating take this training to remain competitive.