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Pram Workshop - Sound Department

November 29, 2014
9:30AM - 5:30PM

Location: 629 Eastern Avenue, Stage 9
Instructor: Phil Stall, Gary Oppenheimer, Ken Porter
Cost (Members): $25
Cost (Permittees): $40

What is a pram, you ask?  Great Question!  It’s a type of dolly that uses a large attached boom pole to swing the mic 360 degrees. Prams have been used since the golden age of television to collect sound on situation comedies.

Sitcoms are usually shot with four cameras, grid lighting and camera alleys so traditional booming would not work in this type of multi-camera environment. This workshop will teach you how to set up, operate and repair prams which is invaluable knowledge to have in an industry where multi-camera shows are making a comeback.

Interested in learning more?

The Pram Workshop will give you hands-on training and experience towards becoming a successful pram operator.

The workshop will feature instruction by:
Philip Stall who has many years of experience in multi-camera and single camera sound recording and mixing. He will guide you through the overall sound set up for these types of shows.